Worker's Compensation

Are You Eligible?

If you are injured on the job you are eligible for Workers' Compensation. When you go to the doctor for treatment of the initial injury you will be asked if you were injured on the job and if so the doctor or hospital will automatically submit your injury for claim opening. Once your claim is open you are entitled to medical treatment as long as your injury has not been medically stabilized. While you are receiving treatment and are unable to work you are entitled to Time-Loss Compensation based on the wages of the job you were doing when injured. If you can't go back to the job because of your injury then you may be eligible for vocational re-training. If you can work a modified, or 'light duty', job while receiving treatment which pays less you may be eligible for Loss of Earning Power to compensate you for part of the difference between your current job and the job you had when you were injured. Ultimately, if your injury is severe enough you may be eligible for a one time cash payment or even a pension.
With all of these possibilities and options for treatment and vocational training it is difficult to know if you are receiving all the the benefits to which you are entitled. Employers have an incentive to minimize the cost of your claim so they are usually working with the Department of Labor and Industries to limit what you receive. The Department itself may seem that it is working against you by denying medical treatment on subsequent medical conditions related to your injury like depression and anxiety. Many times doctors hired by the Department will say you are clear to work when you feel that your cannot. If you aren't familiar with the process or how a claim is administered you may not be receiving all of the benefits due you.

When Should I Call An Attorney?

If you receive an order from the Department of Labor and Industries closing your claim and you are still unable to work an attorney will be able to help you decide what your next step should be. If you are denied medical treatment for the injury or for the necessary medications to treat it, we can help. If a related medical condition related to your injury is denied we can explain your options. We are paid only if we obtain new benefits for you. Until we deliver new benefits, you typically owe us nothing.

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